Additional mailbox not updating

All 3 managers mailboxes and the other 2 calendars update without issue.One of the senior managers has a 5GB mailbox, the others are 1GB or less.

However as explained in MS KB article KB2733062, this does not apply to shared mailboxes – which begin a full download on first use: For organisations who rely heavily on very large shared mailboxes, switching off caching of shared mailboxes would be a typical option for an on-premises Exchange installation; however latency over the Internet to Office 365 mean that although valid as a temporary workaround it is not a good solution.

We have the following setup: Big Hyper-V machine hosting the servers as VM's VM for CAS: WEB. XXX.local Servers are running Server 2008 R2 with Exchange 2010 SP1 Clients are all running Windows 7 Pro x64 with Outlook 2010 x64 The problem we're having is that nobody is able to see any emails received today (16th of October), but they are able to send externally.

When I reply back to the email received externally, I don't get an NDR, yet the user cannot see my email.

The issue only happens when we add the 5GB mailbox is added.

The user receives emails immediately for 3 of the managers mailboxes(including the 5GB one) but not her own mailbox The issue is obviously with the 5GB mailbox as when it's removed everything works fine.

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Enter the Email Address for the Shared Mailbox, but NO password: When prompted for credentials, ask the user to enter the same credentials they use for heir primary Office 365 mailbox: After setup, choose “Change Account Settings” and alter the slider to an appropriate value for the Shared Mailbox.

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