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I was close to involuntarily releasing when you realized I was at my limit.You followed my instructions carefully and forced the pleasure from my body by reaching into my jeans and rubbing my clit thank heavens no one drove by as we did this.I want to thank you for calling Bob and explaining the need and why he was making a mistake.He still does not understand why you called him as the affair we were having was beyond his understanding.We sat there at the side of the road, the warmth of my fluid had ended and my hips and legs started to get cold.You wrapped a blanket around me and offered me a hot Irish coffee, you then forced me to drink three more.The time I spent alone to satisfy my cravings cannot be recaptured.

After I had squeezed everything I could from me and you rubbed your hands together and kissed me on the lips I understood that it was possible that you could accept the burning need I had, for the first time I felt normal.

I am sorry about your car but I did warn you that this could happen.

After giving you permission to act on things I was amazed you stayed with me.

When I finally broke down and explained what I needed you smiled and asked me why I waited so long.

When I grabbed you and pulled you into the bathroom with me and I placed you so that my pee would cascade off your hand as it as it fell into the water, you were first surprised and then visibly pleased.

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