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88), earlier having entreated his colleagues to unite with him to 'fight together as British subjects’ (p. He is clearly proud to serve in the British army, only wishing that he were 'soaring in the Royal Airborne Force’ (p.

87) rather than trundling along with the affectionately named ' Buggered Battalion’.

The vast majority of Bangladesh’s inhabitants are Bengalis, who are largely descended from Indo-Aryans who began to migrate into the country from the west thousands of years ago and who mixed within Bengal with indigenous groups of various racial stocks…. Physically they are different in appearance from their peers, but aside from this, as Irie moans, ' Everyone’s the same here’ (p. The second-generation of immigrants do not share the racialized world of their parents, because they have grown up in a world where hybridity is the norm: Everyone at Glenard Oak was at work; they were Babelians of every conceivable class and colour speaking in tongues… Raggastantis spoke a strange mix of Jamaican Patois, Bengali, Gujarati and English’ (p. The ultimate irony of the novel intends to explode Samad’s essentialism once and for all, as Magid returns from the 'homeland’ an anglophile dandy who shatters Samad’s illusions of cultural purity.With his goons, Mona's father trying to get Rahul to lose the competition, Rahul has to work hard for his love, eating red chillies and rice everyday, even though he can't bear it.Through many antics from the Village goons side and Mona's side, Rahul eventually proves his love for Puja to Indra, and succeeds in growing more grains.Yet this duality goes on to anguish Samad as he experiences ever more difficulty in conclusively delineating the two cultures. Samad believes that if he accepts either of these epithets he would effectively relinquish his Bengali allegiance.This preoccupation with keeping the lines of demarcation intact is manifest in his reaction to being called ' Sultan’ and, later, Sam: "Don’t call me Sam," he growled . While he can negotiate the coexistence of national and racial affiliations as independent categories, he resists the erasure of one for the sake of the other.

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