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We have male lawmakers who have made comments about wanting to protect people who have engaged in prostitution with children. There are lots of claims, lots of complaints, lots of lawsuits that are filed and sometimes they resolve in favor of the employee who's complaining about harassment and sometimes they resolve in favor of the employer.This is the kind of speech, these are the exact lawmakers who say I'm not signing that because it impinges on my ability to express myself, regardless of the fallout around me. It does happen that people can be wrongfully accused.You can do all the training that you want but then if the company doesn't follow through isn't consistent with the enforcement of the policy, doesn't discipline people who violate the policy. Is there a loophole when it comes to small nonprofits and sexual harassment laws?Pastori: The New Hampshire Law against Discrimination is found at RSA 354 - It specifically defines employers in a way that there are some employers that are not covered.

Many companies conduct workplace training on the issue of sexual harassment. Pastori: A recent study by the EEOC indicated that training hasn't been effective. Some key questions: Does the company give employees options for reporting harassment -- more than one person to confide in, for instance? Altschiller: Policies should be specific, prohibiting uninvited touching, displaying of sexually graphic material on posters or pinups or screen savers, or items on bulletin boards.

And will the heightened awareness in the wake of this rush of revelations amount to a turning point?

The Exchange put these questions to Representative Debra Altschiller, Sarah Mattson Dustin of the N. Women's Foundation, and employment attorney Terri Pastori. Why has sexual harassment in the workplace continued despite changes in policy and laws addressing the problem?

Allegations of sometimes serial sexual harassment involving high-profile perpetrators have led to an outpouring of outrage.

And in many cases, predatory behavior appears to have gone on for years, even decades, with multiple victims either afraid to come forward or kept silent by nondisclosure agreements.

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I depend on customers like him for tips so I smiled, feigned laughter, and swallowed my anger.

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