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You can test the database or, if you are importing data from an XML file, you can test the file.

If data for a business unit is in another database, you must export the data to a file before you can include it in the consolidation. For this purpose, use the Export Consolidation batch job.

The exported entries contain the following fields: Account No., Posting Date, and Amount.

For business units, if the Currency Exchange Rate Table field on the business unit card contains Local, you can change the exchange rate from the business unit card.

The exchange rates are copied from the Currency Exchange Rate table, but you can change them before consolidating.

The following table describes the exchange rate methods you can use for accounts.

You manually calculate the average rate for the period to consolidate. The current period amounts are translated at the average rate and added to the previously recorded balance in the consolidated company.

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For example, whether account numbers or dimension codes are different.

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