Dating 3 months he said im smothering him interview for love dating

She creates a highly profitable business at 13, she still finds time for charity, and she occasionally solves mysteries.

Winner: I guess technically Elizabeth, because she has an actual flaw?

i am very much attached to him as i had my first kiss with him and also the only guy i've been physically with.

We went to london for couple of days and stayed 2 nights together and everything went so perfect but i did say no for sex because i wasn't ready, but still everything so perfect.

i texted him saying sorry if went wrong somewhere, after all those texts and calling him and him not picking up my phone, he messaged me later today saying 'No not something you said, its the both of us..i guess. I understand why you make think that you did something wrong, but that may also not be the case here, so try not to jump to conclusions on this matter.

Thank you very much Hi, before i had a chat with you i texted him asking 'Whats wrong? surely we can work it out.' and then when i had a chat with you i realised i should give him space, so i texted him again saying ' Am sorry my dear for being a pain bothering with texts and calls whole day.

i just wanna say, no matter what i care about you and i am always here for you when you need to talk whenever you feel comfortable.

As an eighth-grader, she is too busy running her babysitting empire and various other Ponzi schemes to waste time on a man.

She handed him a tissue in kindergarten and has had the hots for him ever since.

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