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I use Commodore’s 6 Qualities of Excellence as a guide. Based on the very positive market reaction, I would say the integration with Commodore has gone very well. I’m still going through the transition of having children who don’t need me in the same way they used to. Our kids have unlimited opportunities in front of them and I feel good that we’ve been able to help them with that. I recently turned 55, which gives me plenty to reflect on.

and the local ties of a Newton resident who remains firmly rooted in the community he grew up in.

Born and raised in New Mexico, James now lives in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood…an ideal location for a self-proclaimed foodie!

When James is not savoring the neighborhood’s bustling restaurant scene, he loves to entertain at home, playing sommelier and showing off his own culinary skills with friends and family.

James plays an active leadership role in the National Chapter of the AGC.

He served on the Steering Committee for CLC and is the incoming Chair of the Project Delivery Forum.

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Over that time, he acquired the skills of an Assistant Project Manager and a degree from Wentworth in Project Management and Civil Engineering.

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