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If you only have enough time to visit one area with girly bars in Phuket, then I would definitely recommend you Tiger.

It’s a great feeling to sit there and be surrounded by dozens, if not If you take a trip down to the very southern end of Beach Road, you can find a small but neat girly bar complex on the corner of Prachanukhro Road.

If you have never been to a girly bar in Thailand before, it might feel a bit strange when you walk down the street and suddenly three half naked girls try to get your attention and lure you inside their bar. ”, are the standard questions that she tries to break the ice with.

Don’t worry, you can just sit down, order a beer and don’t commit to anything. If you like the girl then you can buy her a lady drink (I will talk about all prices later in this guide), but if not (or you don’t want to make a decision yet) then of course you don’t need to buy one.

That area is kind of dying though – every time I go there there are less customers (and girls) in the bars.

Anyway, I have marked it on the map below so you can check it out for yourself.

A small bottle of beer costs around 100 Baht and spirits (like gin tonic or black label soda) cost around 160-180 Baht.

) girly bars on the ground floor with even more impressive girls.

That’s where I took the first photo of this guide (see above).

Probably the most relaxed place to have a cool Singha or two and still being surrounded by lots of hot bar girls is the Patong Beer Bar Complex.

This place is unknown to a lot of tourists, because it’s kind of hidden behind Second Road in the southern part of Patong.

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Two of the most popular daytime activities for single men in Phuket are going to the beach or to the (or girly bars, whatever you call them).

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