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The buddy comedy told about bromance-friendship, addiction, and issues between siblings.

This light-hearted, quirky comedy-drama from Emmy winning director Matthew Weiner (known for AMC's Mad Men), was his feature film debut - and unfortunately, it was not well-received by critics or audiences.The easiest character to write is one who comes premade. Maybe they're just seizing the nearest source of inspiration.For various reasons, an author writes themselves or their friends into the story, as themselves. Although this is more common in fiction than some authors would dare admit, it really broke out in webcomics due to their less formal standards. A popular variation is to name the character after the person's online handle instead.Steve spent some of his time in his apartment as a 'peeping tom' viewing his attractive neighbor (Melanie Ratcliff) - he watched from afar on his balcony through her window.He was amazed on one occasion when she stepped out of her clothes and underwear, turned toward him totally nude, placed her hands on her hips, and smiled back at him.

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Ryan) - the final girl - invited all her former roommates over for a sleepover to rekindle friendships, including Arlene (Tara Clark) and Lucky (Joni Durian).

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