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A teacher who is offered an end of the year gift worth less than by someone who did not contribute to a class gift may accept it, after confirming by asking that the giver did not contribute to the class gift. A teacher who accepts a gift worth less than from a student or parent during the school year must file a disclosure if she will continue to teach the student during the rest of the year and the gift is valuable enough that it might create an appearance that she would unduly favor the student.

A gift worth less than must be disclosed in writing if, based on the circumstances, a reasonable person would think that the teacher might unduly show favor to the giver or the giver’s child because of the gift. The form that should be used for such a disclosure is form no.

However, there is an exemption that allows a public employee to participate in a matter in which she has a financial interest if she makes a prior written disclosure to her appointing authority about her financial interest to plan a field trip that will involve paid-for travel, the teacher should fill out a disclosure form and obtain prior written approval. A teacher whose travel expenses of or more are paid because she is the teacher chaperone violates this provision, unless, before taking the trip, she disclosed details about her trip in writing and obtained a written determination from her appointing authority that her acceptance of the payment of her travel expenses by someone else serves a legitimate public purpose. 11a at this link: summary, a teacher planning a field trip that will involve someone other than the teacher herself, or the school district, paying her travel expenses of or more, has 2 forms to fill out and to have approved by her appointing authority: (1) the § 6 or 19 form before she begins to plan the trip, and (2) the travel disclosure form, before she travels.: There is no issue under the conflict of interest law where a teacher’s district pays her travel expenses. 268A, because it is a gift given to the teacher because of her position.

The following topics are covered:: It depends on the value of the gift. A teacher who is offered an end-of-the-year gift worth or more should not accept it, unless it is a permissible class gift.

Notifying only the parents of school children about a ballot question whether to fund a new public school, and not notifying other homeowners who do not currently have a child attending school in the district, would be prohibited, because it would not be neutral.: The parents of a child who attends school in my district, but is not one of my students, have approached me and asked whether I would be willing to tutor their son.

I do not advertise my services in any way; they heard about me by word of mouth from the parents of other students I have tutored.

A single class gift worth up to 0, or several class gifts during the school year with a total value up to 0, may be given.

A teacher may not accept any other gift from someone who has contributed to a class gift.

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