Each tenant pays their pro rata share of a property's total CAM charges, which prorated share is the percentage of the tenant's rented square footage of the total, rentable square footage of the property.A common example of a CAM item is the cost of cleaning the walkways in a shopping mall.Some leases might cap rent increases to a reasonable percentage, but CAM fees might go up at a different percentage rate.Knowing what you'll be responsible for paying during each year of your lease will help you make better long-term decisions about whether a particular space will still be affordable in subsequent years, even if it seems like a good fit now.

An example of a CAM that is charged to only a subset of tenants might be the charges for cleaning the food court area, where all of the vendors in the court collectively cover the higher cost of cleaning the tables on a frequent schedule.Many commercial real estate leases require that the tenant or lessee pay a portion of CAM fees.There are two basic calculations for CAM fees: where the fees are a fixed amount.The tenant generally wants CAM charges defined narrowly in hopes that the landlord pays a majority of the operating costs.Examples of services often billed to tenants as CAM charges include portering, parking lot striping, parking lot lighting, and landscaping.

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  1. It ran for about 4 years from 2000 to 2004 (with the finale being released on DVD and a couple of the episodes leading up to the finale being left unaired in the US, although one of these episodes aired on Nicktoons in 2006, and four more of them aired on Teen Nick's The Splat block in October 2016).