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Hartwall Arena's main rink and practice rink facilities are in the same venue.Pirkkola practice rink is about four kilometres from Hartwall Arena.Participants were required to have attained minimum technical element scores at an earlier senior international competition.The scores had to be obtained at least 21 days before the first official practice day of the championships. She warned me that she might fall on her “tush” and I became a tad worried that I was going out with someone who might be a bit too young for me. Can you imagine if a woman ever whispered to you, while having sex, “put it in my tush? I had told her to meet at the western entrance of the park and then specified the corner of 40th Street & 6th Avenue.

Figure Skating is comprised of more than 750 member clubs, collegiate clubs, school-affiliated clubs and more than 1,000 registered Learn to Skate USA programs representing more than 184,200 members.

Hartwall Arena's main arena, with an ice surface measuring 60 m x 30 m, was used for all competitions and several practice sessions.

The rest of the practice sessions took place at Hartwall Arena's practice rink (58 m x 28 m) and Pirkkola ice rink (for pairs, 60 m x 30 m).

Oh Winter, you beautifully cold bitch, or perhaps, you terribly handsome bastard. The week of this date, New York was experiencing one of the first decent cold streaks of the winter, so it seemed only right to get some ice skating in. I bet most people wouldn’t really worry about this kind of thing, but if I had screwed up someone else’s logistics, it would have stressed me out. [The sponsorship has since ben ceded to Bank of America.] I hadn’t actually been down there since winter had begun but there were a number of little “Holiday Shops” set up all around, a dining area, a bar and the ice skating rink. Kelly had been there before and assured me that everything the little shops sold was crap.

I hadn’t been in years, I don’t think, so it was bound to be fun. I waited for Kelly on the corner since I figured that was the direction she would be coming from. Nevertheless, I would probably be willing to pay too much money for the junk there. As we walked through the Winter village, I got my first introduction to Kelly, learning some basic information about her.

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