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Particularly as, the Mail has learnt, she intends to lay bare the bizarre details of how the singer agreed to swop his own girlfriend for Pattie as a trade-off with George Harrison.

She is also said to be planning to tell the full story about dark rumours that during their nine-year marriage, Clapton, battling an addiction to drink and drugs, was an abusive and violent husband who cheated on her with a string of women because she couldn’t bear him children.

The book, which will see Boyd finally break her 40-year self-imposed silence over her marriages to two of the biggest music stars of the 20th century, was described to the Mail by a publishing source this week as ‘full and frank’.

In other words, in exchange for her rumoured £950,000 advance, ex-model Pattie will be expected to dish the dirt about the sex, drugs and infidelities in her relationships with both the legends.

Indeed, the blatant flirting between John and Pattie at a party at London’s Royal Lancaster Hotel in December 1968 led to singer Lulu stepping in to remonstrate on behalf of Lennon’s long-suffering wife Cynthia.

Not that Harrison, despite his conversion to mysticism, was above the more earthly pleasures himself.

It was the blonde and toothy Pattie who spawned Harrison’s interest in eastern culture and introduced The Beatles to the Indian mystic the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1968.

Eventually, as George became more and more obsessed with the teachings of his new spiritual guru, Pattie fell into Eric’s arms.

"He was bothered by the flies and his glasses kept steaming up." Clapton’s misery as he performed his classics Layla and Wonderful Tonight might also have been due, in part at least, to the woman about whom he wrote his two most famous love songs.

Holed up in her 17th-century cottage in the West Sussex countryside, Pattie Boyd, Clapton’s ex-wife and the woman he stole from Beatle George Harrison, is working feverishly on her autobiography.

Just days before he asked her to marry him, he had begun a fling under Pattie’s nose with one of her best friends.

She constantly forgave his affairs and his drinking sessions, which would start at 8am and last all day.

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