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Argyris (Silver) Koulouris, was part of the first "Aphrodite's Child" formation, but he didn't make it.

When Aphrodite's Child left Greece (1968) Argyris joined the army.

The album "666" was ahead of its time and some of the themes were very unusual.

The compositions are more complex than previous works of Aphrodite's Child and there are extended instrumentals and improvisations.

The images and story related texts are presented here on this website as a fantasy only and should in no way be replicated by anyone.

Salvador Dali wrote a fantastic script for directing a great happening in Barcelona, for the premiere of "666". See also: Meeting Salvador Dali told by Costas Ferris.

This controversial double album is a concept work based on a book of Costas Ferris.

Revolutionaries and anti-war activists, they demonstrated an uncanny ability to manipulate the media, to not only make fun of nearly everything and everybody (themselves included), but also to get a wide audience for their antics.

Yippies (Youth International Party) was a small political organization by Abbey Hoffman and Jerry Rubin who organized protests at the Chicago Democratic Convention in 1968"The beast": Vangelis, while recording (usually, the base, was recorded with the three of them, Lucas, Demis and Vangelis, together) so Vangelis, had a separate microphone on his mouth, to give directions in greek.

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