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During his junior year in high school, Charles Schulz’s teacher, Minnette Paro, assigned the class the task of “drawing anything you can think of, in sets of three on one sheet of paper.” The “Drawing of Threes” that Schulz created that day is particularly interesting because it is clear that Charles Schulz was keenly aware of domestic and world events at the time.Later in the school year, Schulz signed a classmate’s yearbook with the phrase, “the pen is mightier than the sword” and included an illustration of a pen and a figure in a fencing pose holding a sword.Schulz’s parents enrolled him in the correspondence program that spring.Schulz later cited choosing the Federal Schools over other resident art schools in the Twin Cities area as due to the fact that, “it was this correspondence course’s emphasis upon cartooning that won me.” The summer after graduation, Schulz caddied at the local Highland Park Golf Course, took odd jobs, and continued his coursework with the Federal Schools.After a little over a year in Needles, the Schulz family drove back across the country to Minnesota to resume life in the Twin Cities.

Charles attended the D Street School just a few blocks down the street from their home.The United States had entered the war on December 7, 1941, following the attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.Within days of leaving for induction into the army at Fort Snelling in Minneapolis, Schulz’s mother, Dena, died at the age of 50.Charles Schulz’s life-long passion for ice hockey began with informal games played during his boyhood in the Twin Cities.Schulz and his friends would play on the backyard outside when it iced over in the winter, and also inside the house, with a little creative play by his grandmother Sophie Halverson.

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When the Great Depression hit the country in the last months of 1929, it brought extreme poverty and difficulties for many families.

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