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Wearing a white bodysuit, the Golden Globe Award-winning actress is seen leaning into her female co-star and gazing up at the camera, as two naked men stand just off screen.The other woman is clad in a skimpy purple negligee as she wraps her arms around Maggie's characters waist while the cameras roll.Their relationship went public after they were spotted making out at a coffee shop in Manhattan.

It's a strange way of putting it: as though "weirdness" is a precious commodity to be bottled and processed like anti-venom.

So it's perhaps no surprise that Maggie Gyllenhaal, 39, strips down to nearly nothing in her role as a Times Square sex worker named Candy.

Raunchy scenes from HBO drama The Deuce show Jake Gyllenhaal's big sister baring her breasts in a racy topless scene before locking lips with another woman while her character films a low budget porn movie.

The New York City native reminisced that, to her, HBO's acceding to her request for a producer credit 'was a non-explicit way of saying: "This is a feminist project."'Maggie spoke to 1970s prostitutes while preparing for the role, and told Vulture: 'There’s this fake power structure for prostitutes where you go: "I’m in charge, I’m going to set the price, I’m going to set the boundaries," and yet you’re alone in a room with someone that could rape you if they wanted to.'She went on: 'I think that’s troubling, and I think that requires an amount of dissociation that makes it impossible to keep your mind intact,' also discussing the fact filming went on as last year's U. election campaigns thundered along.'We would be watching the debates at lunch.

She stars in a TV show about the rise of the porn industry in 1970s New York.

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