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Eleven content areas, including “tobacco, alcohol and other drug education” are identified.

State Assessment Requirement: None.: RS 6 (1997) require the superintendent of each school system to review all co-curricular and extracurricular activities and programs and urge principals and faculty of middle, junior high, and high schools to appropriately upgrade the standards of student athletes.

The Department of Education provides curriculum guidance in the Comprehensive Health and Physical Education Standards (2009). 10-16b (1997) of the Connecticut General Statutes (CGS) requires instruction in health education, but does not specify grades, levels or amounts.

In the Colorado Comprehensive Health Education Act, Statute 22-25-104 (2000) the legislature declared that comprehensive health education is an essential element of public education in the state of Colorado" and encouraged every school district to voluntarily provide a pre K-12 grade planned, sequential health education program. However, each local and regional board of education must offer health and other curriculum that is planned, ongoing and systematic.

Education Code 51880-81.5 (1977), also known as the Comprehensive Health Education Act," contain a strong endorsement of K-12 health education: The Legislature finds and declares that an adequate health education program in the public schools is essential to continued progress and improvement in the quality of public health in this state, and the Legislature further believes that comprehensive health education, taught by properly trained persons, is effective in the prevention of disease and disability." However, this law does not actually require any additional health education in .

Education Code 51890 (1977/2003) also discusses the goals for K-12 comprehensive health education but does not establish mandates.

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