Intimidating girls are a good thing

It's nice and safe- still a little girly- without any roughened up edges- it's almost mellow on the dry down.

**Someone in their 20s needs something with a bit more bite to reflect that bubbling youth and existential crises.

It's like a combination of 'Jessica Simpson Fancy' with it's gourmand notes, and 'Princess Night' with the florals and girlyness.

**This perfume seems like it would be a good fit for someone in their early 30s.

There's some iris flower and just a little bit of musk. I tested this today and really liked it, really enjoyed it. It's a warm and spicy, and slightly sweet scent with some undertones of vanilla. Although it is not exactly the same, the one thing I kept thinking throughout is that it smells very similar to the original Dior Addict!

Especially since there is no throw at all, (only in initial spray), and it basically disappears on skin after 15-20min. Lunareclipse, on my skin this is great !!!!!!!!!!!! I smell a little almond, not sweet at all; then it's gone. I sprayed this in Duty free and I fell in love with it, it is a beautiful creamy woody coco coffee scent.The color I can mostly associate what I smell with is velvet dark red. I agree that it belongs to the "black opium, poison girl etc." family although I find it a bit spicier.Not one of my most loved ones but a really nice and interesting addition to my collection.I do expect a lot I wish the juice in Ivanka by ivanka trump went into this..fits the "shoe" better otherwise crap frag lovely shoe. When I first tried it on I was instantly reminded of 'Vera Wang - Princess Night'.It has that same light floral gourmand sweetness, but it does not have a fruity note to it.

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