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Porn makes it look like the longer hang time you have, it ends up being orgasm after screaming orgasm for her until she melts into a golden puddle of afterglow and post-coital cigarettes.

In reality, slamming away for twenty or thirty minutes without pause is going to end up with her being dryer than Death Valley and leave her feeling like a car’s engine after someone tried to drive through the Mojave desert after draining all the oil somewhere around Barstow.

As I’ve mentioned before, American sexual education focuses predominantly on anatomy lessons and STDs, .

In fact, a survey of members of the Society for Sex Therapy and Research finds that the sweet spot for actual penetration falls between 7 and 13 minutes, with 3-5 minutes being “adequate” and 1-3 minutes being problematic.

And let’s face it: we don’t want to be just “adequate.” So how we perform better in bed?

To start with: most of the issues that trigger premature ejaculation have to do with , not how incredibly turned on you are.

By desperately trying to distract yourself from how good everything feels, you’re only re-emphasizing just how freaked out you are…

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