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Whoopi Goldberg and Ted Danson (who controversially became a couple during filming) share an amazing chemistry in this film and while jokes are made about the differences in skin colour and culture, they’re never patronising.You’ll have a good giggle while also learning that interracial relationships are beautiful and complex.Watch the trailer here Image: Facebook A black teenage girl discovers that her father is actually a sperm donor and not her mother’s late husband.

The pairing of Julie Delpy with Chris Rock was an interesting one.Check out the trailer here Image: Imp Awards Sara and Derek’s love story is a beautiful one with Derek supporting Sara as she prepares for her audition at Julliard.But things sour when Sara has a fight with Derek’s ex, Nikki.At first, all seems to be good and at peace until they meet their prejudiced neighbour, played by Samuel L Jackson.Watch the trailer here Image: Facebook Another film set in the racially hostile 1950s.

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It also shows Kenya (Sanaa Lathan) as a strong, independent woman in the role of the successful business person and employer of Brian (Simon Baker) - who she initially hires to landscape her garden - in a great reversal of roles.

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