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Delicate Sound of Thunder is no doubt a dated recording.

It’s got the 80s sound all over it and the reverb drenched and gated drums sound a bit silly.

Still, I think songs like On the Turning Away from Delicate feature one of David’s finest solos and tones.

Yet Another Movie sounds insanely huge (one of my all time favourite Floyd tunes) and Us and Them is perhaps one of the most beautiful versions I’ve heard.

Delicate Sound of Thunder was one of my first encounters with Pink Floyd. I knew some of their songs from before but this was my first full length album.

I remember thinking “this can’t possibly be a live recording… ” An experienced observation by a twelve year old perhaps but I was already used to shitty Kiss bootlegs and new how bad a band could sound.

All of the overdrive tones were done with just the Mesa – possibly boosted by a TC booster. Although the rig featured a few more effects during the late 1988 part of the tour and the recording of Delicate Sound of Thunder, he mostly used the same pedals and effects as shown here.

The sound on Pulse is better – it’s not nearly as dated – and it’s also a better performance.

Perhaps it’s because they’re the ones that resemble his 70s tones the least.

The whole 1987-90 tour was a transition period in terms of his rig from being typically 80s to a more vintage approach, perhaps to better replicate his old tones.

The album was released on CD, LP and cassette (remember those? As live albums mostly go it was no huge success but rather a nice souvenir for the fans.

The release also saw Pink Floyd’s first filmed (not counting Live at Pompeii) concert being released on VHS.

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