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Click for more info Smith and Wesson K-22 5 Screw .22LR. Click for more info Smith and Wesson K-22 Target Masterpiece pre-1955.

Built on the square butt K frame, having a narrow serrated top rib with no taper on the barrel. Click for more info Fine Italian made flintlock with gold inlays and silver mountings. A very old gun dating back to the 1700's to the early 1800's. Click for more info RARE Tatham & Egg Flintlock Shotgun Over / under flintlock Stalking shotgun 32" barrels This gun was assembled and made by 3 separate makers to the King of England It is embellish ... The P grade walnut stock is mounted with a mix of brass and steel furniture, includin ... this does not find its way through my shop very often (If at all! I think the gun is either Belgium or English, it has a crown over a DN on the lock plate. Click for more info 1700s Engraved Belgian FLINTLOCK Double Barrel Shotgun with Carved Stock ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE & EXQUISITE Here we offer the most unique 18th century flintlock double barrel shotgun that we ... SHOTGUN, 33" bbls., 28 ga., engraved metal, beautifully shaped locks curve inward at the rear with a little tear drop shaped extension, very ni ... 2696, Circa 1796 Beautiful damascus 34"/85cm barrels signed with maker's name "MANTON - LONDON" in gol ... Click for more info This 20 gauge double flint muzzleloading shotgun has tapered octagon to round 30-1/2" cylinder bore barrels.Smith &Wesson K22 Masterpiece Pre-17,22LR,6" Barrel,5 Screw with 4 Digit serial #,2nd year production 1947,with with Numbered to Gun Blue and Gold box with tools,#'s Match, Right Grip is # ... 1/8 inch plain Patridge front sight and micrometer &l ...Click for more info Smith and Wessen K22 outdoors man with the Box and papers, condition as seen int he pictures, i have never seen a better box ever, it took me 2 years to find the box, then anohter year to find the gun ... Click for more info Here is the Smith and Wesson Outdoorsman First Model with Red Box. Click for more info For sale is a Smith & Wesson K22 Model 17-2,.22 caliber long riffle in it's original box with the paperwork. Click for more info This pistol was produced in 1953. All the parts including the grips are matched serial numbers.

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