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Just days after chasing off four thugs trying to break into the Notting Hill home he shares with wife Marina and newborn son Ludo, Ben yesterday received a visit from the police.

It turned out a 'clone' of Marina's Mini Convertible with her numberplate had been used by a gang of armed robbers who held up a cash van at gunpoint. Trail-blazing artist and model Olympia Scarry, 26-year-old granddaughter of children's writer Richard Scarry, is packing her bags for New York.

Alice Dellal first came to our attention thanks to her significant other: Pierre Casiraghi, who is third in line for the throne of Monaco -not to mention, the grandson of Grace Kelly.

(Random fact: Alice's brother, Alex, is dating Pierre's sister, Charlotte).

But, at 55, Guy Roxburghe is now facing his toughest fight of all - he has been diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus.

He has also fought off attempts by the urban-dominated Scottish Parliament to destroy many countryside traditions.We're slightly embarrassed that this is the first thing we noticed the British beauty for, considering her modeling career, jet-set group of friends, and eclectic style.Not to mention, the controversial party girl is also to inherit a chunk of her grandfather's 800 million fortune (in pounds, no less).Says a friend: 'Guy has undergone his first treatment with chemotherapy.He is determined to conquer it and is going about his daily business as usual, running his livelihood, which is his estate, as he always has.' He is determined that his illness should not be allowed to impact on his routine.

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