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For example, in the name xs:integer, the namespace URI is the prefix is "xs", and the local part is "integer".The prefix doesn't matter as far as matching is concerned, for example this type is sometimes written as "xsd:integer", but it's the same thing so long as the prefix relates to the same namespace URI.I would find it easier to help you if you explained what you are trying to do: not in coding terms "I want to also use the XSDComplex Type class in this process", but in terms of the problem that your application is trying to solve.There might be a much better way of tackling the problem.You don't need to (and can't) use the class XSDComplex Type in this process.As I mentioned earlier, this represents an object in the schema document rather than a finished schema component.

should be a proper localtion or it can be any name?Michael Kay element, but the generated DOCTYPE commands are different for the two.The introductory portions of the two stylesheets differ because of structural differences between them (one is much larger and more complex than the other), but they boil down to the same basic model: ...Now we want to iterate through all the "complex Type" elements in the "valid.xsd" . I want to also use the XSDComplex Type class in this process. -- View this message in context: Sent from the saxon-help mailing list archive at My requirement is to read a schema document, retrieve all the xs:complex Type and xs:element nodes.Then I want to get some attributes from the complex Type and some attributes from the element node.

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If that's not the explanation I will need to see the full stylesheets, preferably in a form that I can run myself.

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