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Without hesitation, Gina walks up to the table and leans forward so that her rump waves in the air.

She grasps the root of Damon's hardon and guides him to where she wants him to be.

She loved it, moaning with pleasure and spreading her cheeks to take it deep. And with that sexy accent, olive skin, and a set of big natural tits like that, how are you going to say no? She’s wet and hot for you and she’s desiring your cum all over her lips and face. Hadley Viscara is horny and straight up doesn’t give a fuck!

Be a good husband and give your wife what she wants. She walks into the bathroom where her friend’s boyfriend Derrick is taking a shower and makes as if she’s looking for some special bowl or something that she and his girlfriend made together way back when.

It's not long before her blowjob is a full on deep throat delight.

When Damon sinks down in a chair, Gina really starts sucking and stroking while paying plenty of attention to his balls.

He doesn’t know what’s going on, but he wants her ass outta there before his woman gets home and crushes him.

She urges Damon onto the table, and then swings one leg over his hips so she can straddle him.

She sinks down onto his fuck stick and starts riding as the wind blows her hair and kisses her body.

Her wild abandon is absolute as she brings herself to climax.

When he slides in to slowly fill her up, she can't help but push back to speed up the process.

As he starts thrusting, she meets him on every stroke for both of their pleasure.

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