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KHQ is owned by Cowles Co., which also owns The Spokesman-Review.

It was no surprise, noted both Rowe and Mc Rae, that the heart of the Woodward campaign came during the May book, considered the most important of the four rating periods of the year.

The May ratings are used in setting ad rates for the fall and holiday shopping season.

Mc Rae also said KXLY has done the right thing strategically by adding Woodward to its morning news slots because the early-a.m. “Competition in the early morning here is huge,” she said.

In the fast-growing early-morning time slots — especially from 6 to 7 a.m.

After leaving the station, Woodward, 48, sued for damages from KREM, claiming age and gender discrimination.

That lawsuit is pending, said Lukins & Annis attorney Mike Hines, who’s representing Woodward.

Patricia Mc Rae, general manager at KHQ, said the strong support voiced for Woodward after the KREM flap proved she has unusually high viewer recognition and approval across Spokane’s TV market, stretching from Montana to central Washington.

“In terms of timing, KXLY has taken advantage of the marketing opportunity to capitalize on Woodward joining the station,” Mc Rae said.

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