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The British carry both terms in their words nobility and gentility, the gentility ranking a little below the nobility, yet far ahead of the people in the slums.Now the nobility They toot possession of the favorable tracts of land in Europe, Asia, and Africa, by decree or self inspired divine sanction, similar to that used by the Pope in dispossessing the American Indians when he gave away half of the continent at one time.Kimel was the home of the El, it may have been a castle or it may have been an island.

This seems to have been an adults’ only affair as the two did not bring Akothee’s kids along.

Large observation towers were built, as in Ireland, Bell towers called Campanille or the bell of the Illi, summoned all within hearing to the vassalage of the Illi.

The Ells-bells predated the Christian era by many centuries.

Cities may burn, floods may destroy, pestilences may kill, and wars may ravage, yet a word may survive; the decrees of judges, edicts of emperors, bulls of popes, may not be sufficient to remove a word from the speech of a people.

For some unknown reason there exists within the midst of our languages a very significant word, the meaning of which has been lost for many generations.

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Up the rivers they went for trade, and later to settle in the high places, whence we get the word hill; Thus there were two homes for the Illi, the islands and the hills.

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