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With the builder activated, however, everything on the page becomes editable!

You can click into any element and adjust its content, size, spacing, color, positioning and more.

When editing long pages, Divi’s new “zoom out” feature gives you an overhead view of your design and allows you to drag large pieces of content long distances without having to scroll.

The results are compared with that of alternative instrumental techniques, such as SIMS, and other radiogenic dating methods (Th/U ages obtained here are also consistent with those obtained by other radiogenic dating methods, as well as the geological and geochemical constrains imposed by comparing ages from different mineral phases.

Six months ago our team decided to go all in on a single idea, to lay our cards on the table and commit to something bigger and better than we had ever built before. This project wasn’t about incremental improvements, it was about Divi, reinventing ourselves, learning a completely new language and creating a modern React application that would change the game for our customers and ensure Divi’s relevancy for years to come.

Even for current Divi users, this update is a complete game changer.

When you make a change in the new visual builder, your page is updated instantly.

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