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The union has written to the City of London Corporation to ask whether Mr Scargill claimed the flat was his main residence when he applied for the perk.Rules state a tenant is eligible to buy a council home only if it is their ‘only or main home’.The incident happened Monday in an interview room at the Minneapolis Police Department, which is inside City Hall.Police Chief Medaria Arradondo said Monday the man was alone in the interview room when he pulled out the weapon and began harming himself.The investigator returned to find the man harming himself with a knife. He estimated officers tried to de-escalate the situation for about 10 minutes before they had to make a decision."They were going to lose him if they didn't intervene," he said."The officers, not only did they not take a life, they saved a life," he said."It's nothing short of heroic." The shooting is being investigated by the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, which investigates most police shootings in the state.

She is married to sociology professor Frank Furedi, a founding member of the Revolutionary Communist Party She is a former Cosmopolitan journalist who once said abortion should be accepted ‘as an essential method of family planning’, and who is married to a founding member of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

There is no doubt that abortions post viability raise particular moral concerns for many..there is no evidence that [it] leads to an increase in later terminations'Judith Smyth, a midwife from Northern Ireland, said: ‘Anyone advocating allowing abortion up to birth, I think is so sad and tragic, but to have my own representative body coming out in support of this extreme view is very disappointing.

Labour MP Robert Flello said: ‘I am utterly and completely appalled by this abhorrent proposal.

This wasn’t a minor policy shift by the Royal College of Midwives, it was a fundamental change and the reason they didn’t ask their members is because they knew they wouldn’t get it past them.

He said: ‘I will ask the Secretary of State for Health what discussions he has had, or will have, with the RCM and BPAS.

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