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Intro The Intelli J IDEA Maven-2 plugin integrates Maven-2 into Intelli J IDEA.Similar to the Ant plugin, the Maven-2 plugin allows execution of goals (or phases) and redirects output (with error highlighting) to the message window.The configuration can be done in two ways: Either via the IDE Settings or the Project Settings.The project settings always override the application settings! Retrotranslator was used to translate the JDK5 binaries into JDK1.4 ones.However, this was far from the first time I'd gotten bad behavior from the Net Beans GUI Builder so I deleted the object, thinking I would Clean & Build, restart the IDE, and replace it.Unfortunately, when I tried to add a new instance of my bean, an Information dialog popped up with "Cannot load component class correct.package from project: [correct project path].The class must be compiled and must be on the classpath of the project to which this form belongs." This ultra-simple bean was freshly compiled and is a member of the same project, so I figured the problem had to be elsewhere, and indeed, a review of Google results suggested that the underlying issue was some sort of version conflict.I'd never taken notice before since I don't really understand it, but the project's Properties Sources option "Source/Binary Format" was indeed set to JDK 5, which did seem to be inappropriate for a machine/IDE using JDK 6 (although the original computer was also using a version of 6, the fact of which has confused me substantially).

I'm happy to provide log data, settings, and whatever other additional information people think is relevant. Just guessing: Could just try to copy teh project, delete the Net Beans-related folders from the project and recreate a "project with existing sources"?

That pretty much exhausted the advice I could find.

The file contains some Null Pointer Exception stuff but it all seems to stem from a line that has the same "Cannot load component class..." text as the Information dialog. Should I simply create a new project from existing sources and just transfer the files?

I have tracked down several posts here and there where people were encountering similar problems, but often without reaching satisfactory solutions.

I built a project on Net Beans 6.5.1 using Java SE Development Kit 6 Update 5.

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