Updating windows hosts file

That being said, this will only redirect traffic targeting FQDNs, if you want ALL IP traffic, the route is probably the only route(! And like William said, an overly large HOSTS file certainly does cause problems such as pegging the CPU at 100% if you have the DNSCache service running, making SPYBot, Hiajack This, and other apps that process it take forever to work, slowing down Internet access (because the browser/etc.

keep reading the whole thing over and over again), and using a lot more it possible to use this approach if the IP I want to route traffic to is not on the local network?

is the ip you want to route traffic to, however, this must be an IP that is reachable within the network edit--- Another solution, which is a lot better, and I am not sure why I didn't think of this at the time is to simply edit the DNS server of the machine.

If you have got local access to edit the routes, you certainly will be able to do this.

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This is a much safer and better way to redirect traffic.

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