Who is penny dating on the big bang theory

Generally boring and annoying, the only reason that she has remained low on the list is because she rarely appears on the show.

- Led Rat I think she had children just so they grow up to have no self esteem, the real question is, why does she is act like this?

All the other characters own their traits, whether it's Sheldon's know-it-all attitude, Howard's sleaziness or Leonard's never stop trying. It's always nice to see a hot girl falls in love with a nerdy fella who is sweet and compassionate in a dorky way.

Amy started off being a poorly developed female Sheldon, quickly deteriorating into being just pathetic, whether its calling Penny her 'bestie' or the bikini wax scene, or becoming the definition of Sheldon's 'egg salad sandwich on a warm Texan day' with her neediness. She's just a bitch who ruined Sheldon for all of us. Yet Leonard possesses none of the charming characteristics that would draw a girl like Penny to him.

When the other girls avoid her because of her creepy nature, she always creates drama and starts crying about how she had no friends in school to guilt trip them into letting her do anything she wants. I vote for Howard and Bernadette getting a divorce and dumping her from the show.

Also she used to constantly whine to Sheldon about getting intimate. I just hate her selfish self absorbed arrogant attitude to others Leonard Hofstadter He wasn't bad at first, but then things happened, firstly he is the biggest douche on the show.

He only seems to love Penny for her looks and seems likely to be a cheater.

The addition of Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik in later seasons also enhanced the stories and relationships of the leads.

And way too often the writers make her the moral compass of the show, despite the fact that she is an alcoholic who could give Kelly Bundy a run for her money in the slut department.

She complains that Howard is creepy and pathetic for the way ..Penny is just eye candy now. Her voice is so annoying to hear, yes even worse than Bernadette.

I find her funny but then remember how it is in effect just bullying towards her son.

For example in ep.200 at Sheldon's birthday party she invites everyone to her 60th (friends, Sheldon and Leonard's siblings) but not him and just blatantly ignores any achievement and was grateful she was not invited to his wedding.

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  1. She is ultimately responsible for having Dan's book published, and the last we saw of her, she's working on set for that bunk Then: Feel free to disagree with this, but Carter, Chuck's smarmy nemesis, was slightly (very) hot, in a "sleep with him but never admit it to your friends" kind of way.

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