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“Not working together is definitely preferable to working together in the long term,” she told me.

Many couples who work at the same company try to keep their distance in professional life.

They ended up getting hired at advertising agency DDB in 2008 and have been working together ever since. Be careful about disagreeing publicly or people may read more into the disagreement than is actually there.

“My parents own a Christmas tree farm together, and I grew up with all my friends working on it and having just this super awkward thing when my parents would disagree or fight about something in front of all the workers,” said Young. trying to be conscientious of how those verbal disagreements can come across.” Young and Luisi are now married, and they say working with each other has been good for both their work and their relationship.

It’s nice to have a bit of your own life, and nice for the people around you to not have to always consider one extra layer when dealing with you or your spouse.” So keep in mind that a relationship might make you want to leave your current job sooner than you otherwise would.

“It's not ideal, but it’s almost inevitable,” she said, since co-workers spend lots of time together and tend to have shared interests.

I spoke to A., who works in media and who has been in relationships with two colleagues over the years.

She confirmed that going through a breakup with someone you see every day was incredibly difficult.

But Americans are ignoring the conventional wisdom, apparently: 22 percent of married couples met at work, according to a survey of Americans who wed between 20.

And if you discover that your feelings are reciprocated, it can feel masochistic to resist the urge to get involved for the sake of professional propriety.

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