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Other tombs in the vicinity supported this theory, but researchers still could not reliably date this one to within the time of Jesus.

They couldn’t even prove that the slabs placed on top of it to stop pilgrims from chipping away at the limestone were part of the original shrine. In an exclusive just a few days ago, National Geographic reported that researchers had reliably dated the mortar between the tomb rock and the later slabs to 325 A. This is a little technical, but it’s still really cool: The Independent reports that the dating technique used—known as optically stimulated luminescence—shows when quartz inside the mortar was last exposed to light. Nearly 1,700 years ago—the time when Emperor Constantine, who legalized Christianity, is said to have identified the site and built the first church there.

So, I decided that in this time I was going to have a relationship..Jesus.

Now here is my question: Where can I find one of these people?

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Last year on Break Point, we told you about the opening of what’s traditionally held to be the tomb of Jesus, located inside the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem.

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